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Visual Identity

Download the branding installer for Microsoft Office. This includes all Berean fonts as well as Font and Color Schemes.
You may need Administrator privileges to install this.

Download a .zip file with Berean Logos. Use the .svg files in Microsoft Office documents.

Download a .zip file with the Berean fonts. After downloading, unzip and install all font files.

View or print Berean’s official style guide.


Antonio (download)

Roboto (download)

Roboto Slab (download)

Crimson Pro (download)

Shadows Into Light (download)


Primary - Berean Blue

#044a70WEB: #044a70
C99 M72 Y34 K18
PMS 7694

Secondary – Berean Beige

#ccc8a0WEB: #ccc8a0
C21 M15 Y41 K0
PMS 5797

Berean Green

#6f9075WEB: #6f9075
C60 M29 Y60 K6
PMS 556

Berean Dark

#0e1429WEB: #0e1429
C90 M82 Y53 K96
PMS 5255

Berean Purple

#847083WEB: #847083
C9 M28 Y0 K50

Berean Brick

#B89F8FWEB: #B89F8F
C0 M17 Y22 K32

Design Patterns

Scripture Typography Sample
Scripture Passages

Body Text: Crimson Pro, light, left-aligned
Reference: Crimson Pro, light italics, right-aligned

Serif fonts carry more perceived authority than sans serif fonts, so use Crimson Pro for scripture passages.

Present the text first. Separate the text from the reference with at least the same amount of space you would use between paragraphs. Use italics for the reference to further distinguish the text from the reference stylistically.

Right-align the reference to give visual balance to the layout.

Quotations / Human Sayings Typography Sample
Quotations / Human Sayings

Body Text: Roboto, regular, left-aligned
Citation: Crimson Pro, light italic, right-aligned

Use Roboto, a sans serif font, to contrast human quotations from Scripture.

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