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Adult Ministries

Adult Sunday School Classes

College & Career Class (Led by Pastor Todd) :
Our class seeks to equip young adults for life-long faithfulness to Christ and effective service for Him. Elements of our class time include a short game, sharing testimonies and prayer requests, prayer, and a discussion-style lesson through a thematic series. Fellowship activities are also a part of our class life, varying in frequency and variety. Class members are encouraged to serve the Lord through the ministries of our church while they are home.

Strong Foundations (Led by Jeff Moore):
The Young Married class is a group of engaged couples, newly married couples, and young families who meet to study God's Word. Our goal is to lovingly support each other as we discuss life's various challenges and celebrations from a Biblical perspective . The class could be characterized as one of open discussions, sound Bible teaching, and enjoyable fellowship. We enjoy encouraging each other on a multitude of family matters through the careful study of God's Word.

Families Under Construction (Led by Blake Felber):
A class covering the biblical principles of marriage and parenting. Each week's lesson is designed to assist you in getting your marriage and family on a strong spiritual foundation, with each spouse fulfilling his or her responsibility, expressing appreciation and kindness as one should. Classes are often filled with active and interesting discussion around these topics.

Cross Talks (Led by Steve Hudson):
This is a class that is oriented toward parents of older teens and college students. The teaching is centered on providing a Biblical understanding for many of the current issues that confront teens and young adults.

Berean Bible Study Class (Led by Andy Efting):
This class offers in-depth teaching on a variety of subjects, rotating among Old and New Testament book studies, Bible doctrines, topical studies, and current issues. Our goal is to understand what the passage says and how to apply that in our daily living. Most of those in our class are currently middle-aged and above, with kids in high school or older, but we welcome those from any age group.

Adult Auditorium Class (Led by Bill Lake):
The Auditorium Bible Class is a class for adults of all ages. The class is taught by Rev. Bill Lake, whose wide experience as a Pastor, Missionary, and Mission Board Field Director has given him a unique perspective and ability to communicate Biblical truth in a practical and impactful way.

Growing in Grace (Led by Sharon Kent):
The Growing in Grace Sunday School class is comprised of all ladies-single, married, and widows, any age is welcome. This lively class provides an opportunity for women to be uplifted and encouraged as we study God's Word and its practical application to everyday life.

Adult Bible Class (Led by Thomas Shafer):
A class for older adults and couples. The class typically consists of studies of specific books of the Bible. There is always plenty of class participation and discussion.

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